Chime Collects and Organizes Notifications from All Your Popular Web Services Under One Button

Chime is in public beta, but it's already showing a lot of promise. Best of all, the app runs entirely locally, and all of your login and notification information stays right on your computer—it's not sent to the cloud or anything, so you don't have to worry about a web service in between your networks and your computer. [...]

Chime for Chrome aggregates all your notifications from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and more

If you have a hankering to pull all the messages from your most commonly used Web services into a single silo, then this nifty little browser extension could be what you’re looking for. [...]

This Chrome add-on puts your Gmail, social media notifications all in one place

For those who can’t keep track of Gmail and social media channels, here’s a neat new add-on for Google Chrome users. If you’ve already logged into the accounts on Chrome, the add-on will automatically start pulling notifications once you install Chime. Anytime you receive an update, the Chime will “chime” you with a small pop-up box in the upper right corner. [...]

Get Notifications For Gmail, Facebook, Twitter & More In Chrome With Chime

Chime is excellent at what it does, and the only bad thing about it is that it is only available for Chrome. With Chime installed, you can get rid of all individual notification extensions you have installed for each service, and relieve some of the load on your browser. [...]